Interested in Learning About Microsoft Technologies?

I recently came across the Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA),an online resource for learning about Microsoft Technologies. While most of the content is based on videos or product documentation available through other Microsoft sites such as TechNet, the site is organised into a set of structured courses (called "tracks") which cover specific topics such as Hyper-V, Windows 8 and Public Cloud. That is the difference the courses are structured; they take you from the basics of topic and progressively take you through into more detail.

By completing the modules within a track and self-assessment questions at the end of each module you acquire points. There is also a dashboard from which you can (massage your ego and) see you ranking within your country and globally. Given that you can re-take the self-assessments pretty much indefinitely it's not that difficult to amass points!

If after signing up you notice the "Redeem your MVA voucher" link and were wondering what exactly you can redeem it for - you can enter competitions by entering a code associated with the competition. Like this Nokia Lumia 800 or a trip to TechEd Europe 2012.

Update: I actually had this backwards, you MVA Vouchers are certificates that can be redeemed to get MVA points. You may get MVA vouchers at various Microsoft hosted events and live events at MVA, or during special promotions. Sorry for the confusion!


  1. Thanks, I started wondering what that MVA voucher is for and there is no real information on top of it.


  2. From where I get the Voucher?

    The entered voucher code is invalid. Please try again.

  3. +1 to Anon 1/23/13


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